Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still in the Bahamas

The photos in this post are as follows...
1. Dietrich's tuna, after the shark took his portion
2. Friends, Sheryl and Brian, finessing the coconut relay in Georgetown
3. and 4. Georgetown harbor at night and dinghies by day
5. Dietrich's winning race photo for the Cruisers' Regatta
6. Buzzy Rolle, Georgetown's famous boat builder and racer
7. Gin-clear water over sand dollars
8. The sharksucker, who lurked beneath and played around our boat, at Staniel Cay
9. Friend, Brian, admiring a lobster
10. Seaquarium in the Exuma Sea and Land Park - snorkeling was a thrill
11. Lorraine, of Lorraine's Cafe and free wireless service...we returned to Black Point many times, always looking forward to Lorraine's warm welcome and conch salad
12. Lorraine's mom, Paymon, during a rare moment of quiet plaiting...Lorraine's Mom's Bread is THE BEST in the Exumas! Her coconut bread is fragrant with fresh coconut paste, folded into dense, sweet dough. We always picked up our order at her kitchen counter.

We are headed back to George Town for the Family Islands Regatta (Bahamian sloops, Classes A,B,C, and D), Music and Food Festival. When it's over, we really will need to get on the move toward the States and home.

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Dean said...

Dietrich, ya know that "shark Sucker" or remora, as it is called is only around sharks. The bigger the remora, the bigger the shark. Don't wash your hands overboard.