Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Long Island Back to George Town

We had a beautiful sail from Long Island back to George Town,  Exuma,  April 15th.  Our friend and sailor,  Fred Heltenen,  flew in from Traverse City to join us for the Family Island Regatta and the trek back to the States.   15 to 25 knot winds  have  kept our dinghy rides wet and lively while providing great challenges for the racers.   Bahamian music, delicious street food, and visitors from all the islands made Regatta Week quite interesting!


As of April 28th, we’re still here.    25 – 30 knot winds (and impressive waves)  are keeping more than 100 cruising boats tucked safely into the nooks and crannies of this harbor.  We gather for beach feasts, hikes, snorkeling in a few protected areas,  dancing to the local Rake and Scrape music…when the wind settles, there will be a mass exodus to the north.  Fred has been a good sport about these limitations.  We hope some wonderful sailing will happen before he needs to fly back to Spring in Michigan.   

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