Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Class C Racing, Bahamian boats

Little Farmers Cay throws an annual Festival called the 5 Fs.   The First Friday in February Farmers Cay Festival.    The highlight is the Class C regatta featuring 10 boats skippered by talented sailors and a set of rules that differ from those we race under in Traverse City.    The wind was between 15 and 20, spirits were high and the light was good.

Back to Allan's and on to Norman's and Cambridge

We stayed at Norman's Cay for a couple of days visiting McDuff's for lunch and Carlos Lehder's Volcano house pictured here.    The next two shots are also on Norman's of the far eastern shore and the inner harbor.   The last two images are on a small islet near Cambridge where a couple dozen cruisers feasted on a table built that day by several extremely talented carpenters from scrap driftwood found on the beach.

Nassau for too long

The boat stopped in Nassau long enough for Annie to rejoin the team of Dietrich and Calliope.     Unfortunately the stay was lengthened by an unexpected mechanical issue that was expertly fixed by Deco and his most able assistant.

Among the historical architecture in Nassau including three forts that have been restored is this ancient gun emplacement on Potter's Cay nestled between the mail boats and fishing fleet.

Beyond Bimini to Andros and Allan's Cay

The following images are:
Dietrich @ Allan's Cay courtesy of Laurence and Joan

The waters of the Yellow Bank between Allan's Cay and Nassau.

Morgan's Bluff Marina showing the mail boat with Calliope and the settlements' new bath house.

Finally, our friend Winston on Allan's Cay, one of 4-500 endangered Rock Iguanas found only on or near this island.

Images from before the last post

The upper images are from Bimini and that incredible water.

Prior to leaving south Florida, we sailed south with Ken Richmond to Biscayne Bay and explored that area known as Stiltsville.    Living on the edge!