Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to Allan's and on to Norman's and Cambridge

We stayed at Norman's Cay for a couple of days visiting McDuff's for lunch and Carlos Lehder's Volcano house pictured here.    The next two shots are also on Norman's of the far eastern shore and the inner harbor.   The last two images are on a small islet near Cambridge where a couple dozen cruisers feasted on a table built that day by several extremely talented carpenters from scrap driftwood found on the beach.

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sue said...

Hi Annie and Dietrich....It was great meeting you both ...I am enjoying your blog from back home in Collingwood...sigh....great shots!! Love the home table for cruisers potluck on the beach...looks like lots of fun!!
Safe sailing and look forward to seeing along the way..Sue Barry S/V Gypsy Wind(Wally's on the way to Water Cay this morning