Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Class C Racing, Bahamian boats

Little Farmers Cay throws an annual Festival called the 5 Fs.   The First Friday in February Farmers Cay Festival.    The highlight is the Class C regatta featuring 10 boats skippered by talented sailors and a set of rules that differ from those we race under in Traverse City.    The wind was between 15 and 20, spirits were high and the light was good.


Jim Sorbie said...

Wow! beautiful photos Ditrich, how all is going well!

Jim Sorbie

Stephen said...

It must be beautiful to see the bottom pass under the keel and hiked out racing looks like a lot of fun. I'm envious of the fresh seafood and the citrus to cook with.
News from the thawing north: Rain, and the rivers are thawing. Mostly here in the south but the Sturgeon and the Jordan can't be far behind. The Jan. thaw put the Sturgeon at 600 but I think there may have been stuff in the stream-flow. Stephen