Saturday, August 30, 2008

Erie Canal Wildlife

Great Blue Herons have been our constant companions along the canal.
There have been some other herons, little dark ones we haven't yet identified.   Dietrich counts turtles while he's driving, which has resulted in some bobbing and weaving.  So far, he's found fifty-eight.  Ospreys fly overhead, too.  This one arrived just over the boat, apparently decided we were not a meal after all.   

Our dear friend, Russell Schlindler, wants us to make this text spicier.  Hang in there, Russell!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Calliope's Crew

Dietrich smiles on warm days, then hunches into his coat during a cold turn behind the wheel.  Annie enjoys driving when she can sit on Dietrich's 
custom 2 x 6 pilot seat.  

This is an adventure not to be missed.  However, we miss clear,  fresh water, friends, the cats, and dancing in the living room.  

Aquaducts and Fog

The aquaduct is from the second canal, probably sometime in the 1860s.  Currently, we are navigating the third generation of the canal.  We rafted off a Canal Tug one night, then hung out with the crew until the fog lifted the next morning.  

Erie Canal, Eastbound

The demasting at Wardell's in Tonowanda went well, so we had a good start to the Erie Barge Canal trek.  Pictured is one of the lovely canal boats (rentals) with screened-in porches at the bow.  The evening shot of Brockport is from the life bridge.  It was a lively college town, great coffee.  The next few shots are in Fairport, a fancy little town with a lift bridge and a Music and Food festival we enjoyed.  At this point, we are beginning to meet other people heading in our direction, some couples, some families who will boat-
school their children along the way.  

Sunday, August 17, 2008

To the beginning of the Erie Barge Canal

These start in Conneaut, Ohio, with the midnight lights of the minnow fishermen.  The Dunkirk Yacht Club (N.Y.) is built on stilts.  They gave us a free slip and great hospitality.  We're waiting at Wordell's Boat Yard to unstep the mast and start the Erie Barge Canal adventure.  Finally, Dietrich wandered off at 3:30 a.m. for full moon shots...the steel truss bridges of Tonawanda, N.Y.  

Dietrich has made a few boat repairs and some days have included more motoring than we wanted, but we're still having fun.   He will install the new   head tomorrow.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More around Put in Bay

Through Detroit onward to Vermilion OH

We had a great visit from Dietrich's family in Port Sanilac and an interesting trek through theurban waters around Detroit.   Annie's parents visited in Vermilion, OH and now we are heading east.....


Cruising down the rivers to Detroit

Monday, August 4, 2008

We left on schedule Sunday July 27 bound for a point somewhere south of 27N latitude.     Glen Rauth and Ken 
Richmond helped us leave and we flew north to Northport.    In spite of the heavy  load,   Calliope moved as fast as ever hitting 8.6 knots on the GPS.    

We continued to Harbor Springs,  a couple nights on Mackinac Island staying with friends Ron and Kelly, and on south along the Lake Huron shore  stopping at nearly every other port along the way.   We're looking forward to a Floeter family visit in 

Port Sanilac before we start the trek through urban waters and unfamiliar territory.