Sunday, August 17, 2008

To the beginning of the Erie Barge Canal

These start in Conneaut, Ohio, with the midnight lights of the minnow fishermen.  The Dunkirk Yacht Club (N.Y.) is built on stilts.  They gave us a free slip and great hospitality.  We're waiting at Wordell's Boat Yard to unstep the mast and start the Erie Barge Canal adventure.  Finally, Dietrich wandered off at 3:30 a.m. for full moon shots...the steel truss bridges of Tonawanda, N.Y.  

Dietrich has made a few boat repairs and some days have included more motoring than we wanted, but we're still having fun.   He will install the new   head tomorrow.


Russell said...

Nice pictures!

paul said...

How cool. Safe travels!!

Dorothea said...

Hey, pretty cool stuff here. Can I use them for my desktop?

nell said...

Without a working head, I can imagine why you got up and out at 3am... but the photos are sure worth it! More bridges,please, and as Russell requested, "more stories!" Viel Spaß!!