Saturday, August 30, 2008

Erie Canal Wildlife

Great Blue Herons have been our constant companions along the canal.
There have been some other herons, little dark ones we haven't yet identified.   Dietrich counts turtles while he's driving, which has resulted in some bobbing and weaving.  So far, he's found fifty-eight.  Ospreys fly overhead, too.  This one arrived just over the boat, apparently decided we were not a meal after all.   

Our dear friend, Russell Schlindler, wants us to make this text spicier.  Hang in there, Russell!


nell said...

Try "green heron," they have the classic heron shape with shorter neck and legs, and are dark.

Isn't it grand?? Another day, another backyard view. Aah, we remember it well...

Jim Sorbie said...

Great blog and great photos guys, thanks for sharing!

Marji said...

I'm lovin' it.
Hi Dietrich and Annie. Keep the pics and the stories coming.
We're a coupl'a years behind you, but love seeing the pics.
BTW, I was born in Roch NY and have friends (few) and some cousins in the area. Some in Fairport. My aunt lived in Brockport until about 10 years ago.

Do you have an itinerary on how and when you plan to cross? Are you going to the Bahamas?
on the sidebar on my blog is the link to Cindys Island, and Cindy and Grey left to go to the Bahamas a year ago, after the boat show in Annapolis - which is where I met Cindy.
(my blog is all about sewing and knitting - you probably don't want to even go there except for the links on the sidebar.)