Monday, November 10, 2008

As of November 10, 2008, we're two days north of Charleston, South Carolina, still readily impressed with each day's adventure. The photos are 1) Annie and Dietrich at MOMA, NYC
2) The Dinghy Dock at the Annapolis Boat Show 3) A fella and his spinnaker and 4) The chute, the beautiful spinnaker, on the Chesapeake.

The pix will follow soon, really. Blogger is acting strangely and I may be able to add the pix in Charleston.

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ladyelderberry said...

I wanted to tell you how beautiful your pictures are and how exciting your trip sounds. Maggie(See) Clevidence sent me your link your wondering I'm sure who this is writing Sandy (Cotner) Miller it's been a long time you look great. Well have a safe journey and much fun along the way